This page is for Annapolis Cove residents to share information about contractors who have done work on their property. To submit a contractor referral, send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please follow the format below: name, address, telephone number of contractor; specialties; name of Annapolis Cove homeowner; and date of service. Comments are optional. Negative comments will not be posted.Work must have been done on the property of an Annapolis Cove homeowner. 

Home Improvement

Contractor Neighbor Notes

J. E. Stokes and sons: Paper hanging and Painting
1111 Tyler Ave., Annapolis, Maryland 21403

410-263-3580 and 410-26l8-5950    
Linda and Joe Bellomo

Date used: May 2016

They are very good painters, reasonably priced and easy to get along with as well. This week they did a great job repairing and painting blizzard damaged, watermarked, high ceilings and walls. 

Ultimate Home Improvement, Tony Stone
16311 Boswell Pl., Upper Marlboro, MD  20772
Phone 301-806-0638   Fax 301-574-2598  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mike and Carter Hughes

Dates used: many times 2011, 2010

Tony and his sons provided a high level of professional repair and remodeling work. They are experts on a vast array of topics confronted by homeowners on an on-going basis. Their high level of quality workmanship satisfied some “picky” customers.
LAUER Construction Inc.
1912A Lincoln Drive Annapolis, MD 21401
410-956-2277, 410-956-2277, 1-800-841-6203
Cheryl & Rich Haas

Date used: September & October 2008

They built our dormer over the garage, making it a beautiful laundry room and have done other work for us too. Their work is high quality and they also take pride in their work. The crew finished up ahead of schedule. Very neat, clean and prompt. If there is a problem, Scott stays right on top of it and kept us informed of very thing that was going on. They are very knowledgeable about the entire process and are very good problem solvers. They are very easy to work with especially Scott. Lauer Construction has done improvements and work on many homes here in Annapolis Cove.
J&G Home Improvement
Annapolis, MD 21403
Josue ("Hosway")
Jim & Sylvia Stafford

Date Used: Many times  2008 - 2012

Used them for years.  Dependable, thorough, neat, responsive, fair price, and professional. He really cares.
Kafouri Kitchens & Remodeling Services
Design, Sales, Carpentry
Jason Kafouri
Annapolis MD 21401
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Anthy Lakis

Date Used: November 2009

Jason refinished our kitchen in November 2009. We could not be happier. He takes pride in his work, keeps to his schedule, is clean and prompt. 

Makes wise recommendations. Very knowledgeable about the entire process. Good problem solver. He has a contract on a neighbor’s kitchen, too.

Elite Hardwood Flooring
1993 Moreland Parkway
Annapolis, MD 21401
410.280.1420 Contact: Mike Lanha
Lisa LoVullo Elite re-finished our hardwood floors and they are absolutely beautiful. Mike and his team, were prompt, efficient, courteous and neat. They made everything very easy. I highly recommend their services and quality of work.
Granite Outlet, Millersville MD
(410)729-2999, (888)898-4726, cell (703)298-3559, 
Specialties: Granite Counter tops, and Kitchen Cabinets
Larry Paulick

Date Used: December 1, 2009

They did a wonderful job, neat, installed in less than promised 10 days, as opposed to 6 weeks for Big Box Stores, Resin finish and NO sealer ever, great prices, cost less than Big Box Stores, with much better service.

Doors, Siding, Roofing

Contractor Neighbor Notes

Contractor: The Roof Guy -  Gary Lidard, 3237 Christland Dr., Annapolis, Md 21403 410-570-4956, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Neighbor:  Larry & Kim Paulick, Date Used: May 2017

Installed new Architectal Roof, removed two old layers of shingles, new style underlay, ice shield, ridge vents, very clean install, with 2 day installation, and Very Good Price.  Highly recommended.  He lives in our neighborhood.

In the Fall (Sep – Oct 2015), we hired Crimco.  (301) 346-9300.  The owner is Joey Dustin and this is also a family-run business. Alex Torres

Siding/Roofing/Patios/ALL Home Improvements Inside & Out

Crimco re-sided our entire home; completely replaced our roof (in 1 DAY!); removed our deck and installed a stone patio; landscaped our yard; trimmed trees; removed trees; removed & installed new gutters; removed & installed new doors; painted inside & out; installed bathroom vent fans; installed ceiling fans; installed outdoor lighting; …and much more!  He did a lot of work on our home this year and it was very reasonable and completed quickly.  He was recommended to us by one of our neighbors who had their home re-sided and had other work done.  We are very happy, and would hire Crimco in a heartbeat for all future renovations.  Crimco is also close-by and they love working in this area.  They are extremely professional, they cover all furniture and clean up after the work is done.  This is an excellent company for ALL home improvement work inside and out.

Final Touch Exteriors
Centreville, MD 21617
Jason Russ 410-490-2822

April 2009

New roof. Very pleased with the whole experience.
Nations Home Remodelers
Beltsville, MD 20705
Henry Hentzman  301-847-8800
Specialties: Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Windows, Kitchens, BathsAnnapolis Cove

Date Used: June 2010

If you would like a good, easy to get along with, honest, fast, fairly priced painter, please contact Joe. He finished two bedrooms, a stairwell and bath. They painted all of the ceilings, walls and trim.

An excellent job of replacing our roof.  Pleasant and easy to work with.  NO DUMPSTER!  No yard damage.  Lowest estimate from 3 A/A+ rated companies from Better Business Buereau!  Will consider them for our next job!


Contractor Neighbor Notes
Adams Electrical Services, LLC. (443) 699-3457 Alex Torres
I had an electrician stop by to install an Interlock Kit for my main fuse box in the garage.  The purpose of this kit is to allow me to plug in a portable generator directly to my fuse box when the power goes out.  It is different than a Transfer Switch, which some homeowners have had installed to their fuse box for the same purpose.  This Interlock Kit works similar to a Transfer Switch, but allows you to utilize ALL the circuits in your house…not just the few circuits that a Transfer Switch allows.   Mike Adams is the Owner & President.  It’s a family-run business with his wife.  They are reasonably priced and do a great job.  He is also very flexible with appointments and is located close by in Pasadena.  He does all kinds of residential and commercial electrical work.  He is a licensed electrician and very nice to work with.  I will be using him for all of our electrical work going forward.  He is much more reasonable than all the other electrical companies listed on our bulletin board at this time. 
Bob Lathum
Latham Electrical Construction
Annapolis, MD
Jim & Sylvia Stafford

Date Used: twice in 2012

Very dependable, and reasonably priced.
Anchor Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Specialties: Electrical work
Janice Gary

Sept 2008

Installed recessed lighting, additional outlets, ceiling fans, other work. Have used since 1998. Good work, great customer service, always reliable and fair.
Cook Electric Inc.
Renard Court, Annapolis, Md. 21401
410-266-9040Specialties: Electrical work
Larry Paulick

Date Used: Oct 2007

Installed 240 v wiring and box for spa

Electrical: Whole House Generator 22KW
A to Z Power & Storm Center, 820 Route 3 N., Gambrills, Md 21054, 443-292-4211

Neighbor:  Larry & Kim Paulick
Date Used: Sept 2016

Generac Dealer who knew what they were doing, fixed some elec mistakes in Panel Breaker w/o asking, just did it.  Price very competitive, on-time service for all installation work, neat job, Professional Company, Great Attitude.

Garage Doors

Contractor Neighbor Notes
Door Tech
Jim Whitehead
1511 Pickford Lane, Bowie, Md.


Quick service, reliable, fair price.


Contractor Neighbor Notes
J&G Home Improvement
Annapolis, MD 21403
Josue ("Hosway") 
Jim & Sylvia Stafford

Date Used:  2008- 2012

Used them for years.  Dependable, thorough, neat, responsive, fair price, and professional. He really cares.
Bay Ridge Lawn & Landscape
9 North Old Mill Bottom Road
Annapolis, Md. 21409


Larry Paulick


Installed quality sod, did good job, on time, and neat, good clean up.


Contractor Neighbor Notes

Cooper Paving
P.O. Box 6610
Annapolis, MD   21401

Matt or Dustin Cooper

Cindy Bubb

Date Used: June 2012

Asphalt paving, seal coating & repair, grading. Took out old asphalt, re-graded, and put in new driveway.  Very knowledgeable about grading. Excellent job.  Pleasant to work with.